1. The purpose of this paper is to define, describe and explain your personal beliefs about the four concepts of the nursing meta paradigm and their inter-relationship to one another as they guide your current nursing practice. There are no right or wrong thoughts, feelings or beliefs; these represent your own philosophical beliefs. Then you must correlate or link your current philosophy to one particular nursing theory(ies), identify these. 2. Must be in APA format,3. Must be 4 pages in length (title page and references page not to be included in the count),4. The paper should include a title page and reference pages,5. Must provide at least 3 scholarly references,Evaluation criteria are as follows: Criteria for Personal Philosophy of Nursing Paper: Introduction & Brief description identifies purpose of the paper and the factors influencing the development of the personal nursing philosophy. 1.5%Define, describe and explain your personal thoughts, feelings and beliefs about the concepts of the 4 nursing meta paradigms: 3.5% Person/clientEnvironmentHealthNursing 3. Identification and brief description of the nursing theory(ies) found to be the most compatible with the student’s personal nursing philosophy. 3.5% 4. Provided in-depth explanation with specific documentation, that demonstrates compatibility of personal philosophy with the nursing theory(ies) identified in #4 according to: 3.5% 5. Summary and conclusion 1.5% 6. Organization, documentation, references followed APA format. 1.5%