1. Identify the article that you have chosen to further examine: author, title, publication source, pages2. Read and analyze that article (not just the abstract): Identify the principal stages of the author’s presentation. There are likely to be two major phases in the article that will need examination and explanation: 250 to 300 words: A philosophical issue or problem will be stated which warrants treatment. Explain that issue and why the issue needs treatment (the author’s reason) For example, the author(s) might identify (a) an established thesis of an earlier writer or school of thought with which the author disagrees (b) an inadequacy in a concept or theory which is shown to be in need of a new (c) a debate, a confusion, a vagary of some theory or idea already prominent in the field that the author believes is in need of examination and/or clarification In general, explain that issue which the author believes requires attention and why it does.