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Assignment 1
Pitch and Pushback Videos
1-create 30 second commercials-that is, sales pitches for some product or service in your
small group-look at some commercials online to get a script and some pictures of what your
product or service looks like….make a a script! Try not to set anything on fire!
2A-Now imagine you are the consumer/customer for your product or service and create a list
of common objections you might make to someone who is trying to sell you the product or
service-another part of the script
2B-Now imagine you are the sales person for that same product or service and create a list of
“pushbacks” (arguments against the customer’s reluctance or objections) and practice using
them in your groups-exchange partner with playing customer and salesperson
3C-Get an observer to listen to your pitches and pushback-have them make a list of the ones
that seemed most effective or persuasive….compare your lists….then after you’ve
revised/edited your scripts…have someone film the exchange and post it on the Discussion
Board with the names of your group included for credit
4D-then we’ll watch the films of every group and comment on the most effective sales
people! And we can comment on the most effective “push back” techniques!
5E-Then we’ll debrief the whole exercise and see if we can discover some common pushback
to common objections and reluctance…
# Assignment 2
Break into small groups and choose one person who decides what the mystery object is (don’t
tell anyone in the group!). Now take turns asking “closed” questions-up to 10 and see if you
can guess what the object is. Then select another person to choose the “object,” and use open
ended questions to see how long it takes.
Here’s a list of the kinds of verbs that solicit open vs closed questions…

Ok…now post who was the best “questioner” in the group? what was her/his secret? what?!
You didn’t ask! Find out! And share with everyone!

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