Directions: You have read several texts and explored a variety of topics this semester. In doing so, you have been exposed to major themes about life. Take some time to preview the list below. Try to identify questions that seem important to you…that you can write about passionately. Choose 1 question from 3 of the categories and answer them in thoughtful but concise paragraphs (total of 3 paragraphs). Have you researched areas based on the texts you have read?How has this class allowed you to think more openly?Has an author led you to think about something that you may normally not contemplate about life?Psychology:Has a character in any of the texts related to you in some way?Have you learned more about interpreting the way people act and think based on what you have read?How has this class brought to light an important stage in your life that you have either met or failed to meet?Sociology:What are the stories that are valuable for people to read?Do you feel you understand more about social issues now than before?Gender Studies:What have stories taught you about the history of female/male relationships?What stories gave you insight into the opposite sex?Economics:What have the stories taught you about the history of economics?Was the amount of time studying the concepts of the class worth the price of the class?Do you think education, no matter the subject, will lead to a more prosperous life?_________let me know you have any question !thank you

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Have you learned more about interpreting the way people act and think based on what you
have read?
This course has had a lot to do with interpreting how people think and behave. It has
demonstrated that public speaking is majorly about how people behave and think. As such, it has
taught me that a speech is more memorable if the speaker interprets people’s behavior and their
way of thinking. As such, it has emphasized time and again that a speaker must keep the
audience in mind.
Keeping the audience in mind means being able to anticipate and interpret how they think
and behave. You must keep them in mind, right from the first step of identifying a need to the
last stage of concluding your speech. As you try to identify a need for your speech, it has to be
relevant to your audience and this is not possible if you cannot interpret their behavior and
thoughts. This also facilitates the ability to formulate points that are important to the audience.
This is the reason why some research on the audience is necessary when preparing to present a
One must as well be able to interpret the way the audience think and behave as he/she
presents a speech. A speaker attains this by keeping his eyes on the audience to see how they
Surname: 2
behave. This way, it will be possible to interpret if they are motivated to listen, bored, or not
understanding at all. As such, it is possible to anticipate what next step you should take as a
speaker to get the attention of the audience. Keeping the audience in mind throughout the process
of preparing, rehearsing, and presenting a speech is all about trying to interpret their behavior
and thinking. Such interpretations facilitates the use of the right words, gestures, and language
not to irritate the audience.
Do you feel you understand more about social issues now than before?
Yes. There is more I now know about the social issues that I did not understand before
this course. First, I understand that public speaking is a great tool in solving social problems. An
important part of a speech is the “need” component. Most speeches are about social problems.
They are meant to solve the problems. They present the need in addition to the way to solve the
problem. The absence of public speaking would mean that needs identified would not be
communicated effectively. As such, public speaking solves social needs
Public speaking is also an important tool used to influence people. It is used to convince
people to believe or take a certain direction. Leadership is an important social issue. Leaders
persuade the society through public speaking. As such, there are non-performing leaders who are
re-elected in to office due to the way they present themselves before the people. Performing
leaders must as well convince the public that they are still fit for office. Public speaking is key in
solving societal issues when it comes to leadership.
Surname: 3
Major problems between diversified societies occur due to the lack of understanding of
one another. This involves failing to understand the way others behave the way they do. Through
the public speaking course, it has become clear to me that learning about others and putting
efforts to enlighten them about your culture helps solve social problems. For instance, speaking
standard American English in a diversified congregation helps most people understand what you
are saying. However, using one of the many American vernaculars could create
misunderstanding and chaos. The social issue here is solved by putting a diverse audience in
mind while preparing for and addressing them.
Was the amount of time studying the concepts of the class worth the price of the class?
Studying public speaking has proven to be more important than I thought. At first, had
doubts it was on the right track. However, I find it worth the time and money I have spent on this
course. I see its significance in different ways. First, I am able to win over my audience. This
opens numerous opportunities for me in the future. It means that I can be popular, for instance,
be a politician, a religious leader and so on.
With the new skills acquired during the semester, I can motivate people. This also opens
great chances for me in the future. Employers look for people with great public speaking
capabilities. The ability to motivate is a great tool that determines one’s success in business or
any other occupation. I aspire to be a nurse and with this tool because I will be able to motivate
my fellow employees as well as patients. This means a lot to me and the people around me too.
Surname: 4
Finally, I have the skills to inform. Conveying information to others is one thing that
most people are not good at. The lack of such a skill has left them desperate and unsuccessful in
life. People who cannot convey information in the right way embarrass themselves every now
and then and are afraid of talking before an audience. Conveying information in the right way
means that information is received and utilized effectively and efficiently. The process of
conveyance is very important because of the cost involved. I have the ability to inform others
effectively, ensuring that information is put in the right use, hence, beneficial in the end. This is a
great economic tool for me.

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