1.What is the PESTEL framework and what is its purpose?2.Michael Porter is famous for his Five Forces Framework. What was the purpose of this framework and what is his theory?3.When a firm enters the international markets, explain the two opposing forces they face.4.The two opposing pressures in the international markets result in four different strategies. What are they and how are they different?5.There are four international strategies associated with expansion outside the U.S. Export strategy (or sometimes also called international strategy), multi-domestic strategy, transnational strategy, and global strategy. Once an organization decides on a strategy, there are four key key modes of entry used to enter the international market. What are they and how to they differ?6.Explain innovation diffusion. What does it mean and what are some of the aspects of the supply and demand factors that determine diffusion pace? Give an example of innovation diffusion.7.What is the difference between deliberate strategy and emergent strategy? Give examples.8.Organizations are structured differently. Most common structures are divisional, functional, matrix, multinational and project based. How does a company decide which structure is best suited for them?9.How do you describe a turnaround strategy? When is it necessary and what does it entail? Give an example.10.Balogun and Hailey identify four types of strategic change. What are they and what is their message regarding these changes?