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1) Business Admin Capstone
For the past activity I chose to talk about Amazon. Overall I don’t feel like there are many
reccomendations that I can tell Amazon and is almost anything they do or touch turns into a
success. My only complaint that I have heard from other people is the way they treat their
employees to an extent. I have heard from other people that because of the way they trea t
their employees that they refuse to be a customer with them. If Amazon wanted to appeal and
attract all the customers solving this problem would be a good step in the right direction. By
allowing more lienient breaks or other perks could help boost the employees opinions of the
work place environment.
The business strategy that I believe Amazon is using is the Resource Based Model. Amazon has
some very uniqe resources that they have at their disposal that other companies do not. By
becoming the mega online retail giant they have accumulated enough money to where they can
offer perks like unlimited free two day shipping. This is a perk that I don’t think I’ve seen any
other company offer or be able to offer. This alone attracts so many customers for the ease of
being able to order items and have the on your door step in 2, 1 or even the same day. One of the
smart things Amazon did was look into the future of retail before it happened and bet on online
shopping taking over. Because of this it set them up and saved a lot of money from having to
build traditional physical stores.
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2) Business and Society
Good Afternoon Everyone,
Politics has a big impact on business; therefore, the relationship between business and
politics rests on compromise and mutual respect. Jeff Bezos founder of Amazon purchased
The Washington Post. Amazon does not own The Washington Post but Bezos does. Amazon
and other technology companies have urged Congress to cut the tax rate for income that they
bring back to the Unites States. These are very competitive businesses looking for lucrative
outcomes and always looking for opportunities to improve the experience of the customers.
Plumer, B. (2013, August). Here’s what Amazon lobbies for in D.C. Economic Policy.
Retrieved from
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3) Solution and Global issue
There is a lot of talk about the rapid growth of renewable energy, including wind and solar. It can
be easy to forget that at least for now, we still rely heavily on nonrenewable energy sources, such
as oil, natural gas, coal and uranium.
Today, it’s hard to imagine the western standard of living without fossil fuels and nuclear
energy, and many developing nations still struggle to be able to generate enough power to serve
their populations. Nonrenewable energy – especially coal – enabled the industrial revolution and
has traditionally been the cheapest way to improve standards of living for people in far flung
corners of the earth. Another concern in the United States is that no long-term storage plan for
spent fuel rods has been approved. Based on all these issues, in the long term, we will need to
find alternative and green energy sources to supply the world needs
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