After watching the video below please write an analytical essay that follows this format: minimum of 600 words Paragraph 1: Description of what’s going on in the documentaryParagraph 2: Analysis of what the Qur’an means for MuslimsParagraph 3: Your Remaining Question! Discuss how this documentary surprised you and what it taught you about Islam; moreover, ask yourself: what sorts of questions about Islam and Muslims does it raise for me?This assignment requires you to first watch the documentary, “Koran by Heart,” on YouTube. You can access it here:Please take notes as you watch the documentary. Questions to ask yourself as you are watching:*What type of things does the Qur’an teach Muslims?*How do Muslims memorize and recite the Qur’an?*How does the Qur’an connect Muslims from diverse settings?*How does the life of ______ differ from my life?