AS YOU KNOW THE TOPIC IS political leadership MY RESEARCH TOPIC IS POLITICAL LEADERSHIP (ONE PAGE)here is the book that i will…and here is what the teacher send us: please answer the qustions below Draft a rough outline of your research project. This can include a number of things:-research questions/topics you want to try and answer/explore – objectives-specific sources or perspectives you want to make sure you include – -the different parts of a research paper – introduction, literature review/annotated bibliography, analysis, conclusions, etc..-if you are writing more than one smaller papers, you can talk about the individual topics, how you will tackle them, what your objectives are, how they might come together, etc.I highly recommend you look through some of these research and writing guides/websites (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.we will discuss this on Wed. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Give it your best shot, I will review with you and give feedback.

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Interest in Political Leadership
I chose to do my research on the topic of Political Leadership. The reason why I chose
this particular topic was that I want to know more concerning leadership and especially in the
political field. I want to know more about two things in particular in political leadership; first
of all, the leaders and the various qualities that they have which make them successful and
endear them to the people and secondly, the types of the leadership of the world. Concerning
political leaders; I would like to know what people would like to see in a leader, the good
qualities and virtues of a great leader, and what distinguishes a successful leader from the
other ordinary political leaders of the world.
Concerning the types of leadership; I would like to know what forms of leadership
exist and which ones are being practiced all over the world. I would like to focus more on the
various ways in which each form of leadership is applied and how each form of leadership is
related to the leaders and the also people who are under the form of ruling. In particular, I
would also like to know about the advantages, the disadvantages and the other related
information concerning the various forms of leadership and how successful the leaders were
in these forms of leadership.
As such, for this research in political leadership, I plan to come up with an outcome of
multiple papers and one final combined paper. One paper to focus on political leaders, a
second paper to focus on the types of leadership, and the final paper will combine these two
concepts. For this research paper, I would like to work both independently and also with
other classmates to contribute to my research. The outcome will be three very informative
papers that discuss political leadership in the two aspects as mentioned. It is my hope that
these papers will contain a lot of information that guide other people in political leadership.

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