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100 Final Exam—
Total – 100 points
Current Events (total 15 points)
1. Describe the tensions and reactions at the border between the United States and
Mexico as the caravan of migrants try to enter the United States. (5 points)
2. What is the “yellow vest” movement in France? What role has social media played in
the protests? What policies of President Macron has led to the protests? (5 points)
3. Describe how checks and balances play a role in the politics in the United States and
around the world? (5 points)
From the videos on East Asia, South Asia, Australia (total 45 points)

1. Describe the challenges in South Asia faced by India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and
Afghanistan. (5 points)
2. What geopolitical changes are forecasted for East Asia? In two sentences each
describe the challenges in China, Philippines, Japan and South Korea. How could
these nations work together against North Korea? (5 points)
3. In the analysis of Australia, what are the modern geopolitical challenges of
Australia and New Zealand? (5 points)

4. After reviewing the video “Is China the next superpower” answer the following
questions: What effects does the low standard of living have on the Chinese
people? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an export driven
economy? In military terms how does China compete with the USA and NATO?
Describe the ethnic divisions in China? According to the report why will China not
ne the next superpower? (5 points)

5. After viewing the geopolitical report on Japan explain the political and economic
issues in Japan? (5 points)
6. According to the video “Japan’s Changing Relationship with the US” describe the need for further
cooperation between the two countries? (5 points)
7. According to the video “What is life like in North Korea”? describe the realities of life
for the people of North Korea? (5 points)
8. According to the video “”Geopolitics of the Artic” what are the main challenges
of the world powers in the Arctic region. (5 points)
9. Describe Bhutan’s Gross National Happiness. (5 points)

Part Two: Africa: You Tube videos (total 30 points)
1. According to the You Tube video “French military operations in Africa” what are the reasons and goals
for France in the Sahel? What does the partnership with the United States contributed
to their effort? (5 points)
2. What is the African Union? What were the first efforts at unifying the continent?
What policies are being adopted to change Africa in the following decades? (5
points)—From the You Tube video “What is the African Union”

3. From the video “Geopolitics of Nigeria” what are the most imposing
challenges facing Nigeria today and into the future? What policies can the government
implement that could lead to a smooth transition? (5 points)
4. In Zimbabwe, what is legacy of Robert Mugabe? What progress has been made there
one year after his dismissal? (5 points) From the You Tube video “One Year since fall
of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe”

5. From the YouTube video “Why is South Africa on the edge of collapse?” answer the
following questions: (10 points)
a) What was Apartheid?
b) Who was Nelson Mandela and what is his legacy in South Africa?
c) What was Mandela main policies and what are their impact on the country today?
d) List three major issues in South Africa today?
From the videos posted under the module South Asia, East Asia (total 10 points)
1. What’s the differences between NATO countries and the countries that make up what
is known as the BRICS nations? How do they compare economically and militarily? (5
2. In two paragraphs, describe the video that compares the USA with BRICS? (5 points)

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