attached document has 3 questions breifed clearlyHarvard referencing to be used. required words are written in each question.

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Q1. Refer one journal articles related to Process Modeling & Simulation. Review
the article contents and present the summary in paragraphs explaining the
methodology, modeling/statistical tools used, software /packages used for
simulation, experimental & analytical procedures adopted in the research study.
(Maximum 1000 Words)
Q2. Sensitivity analysis is needed for validation, what-if analysis, and
optimization of complicated simulation models, critically evaluate this statement
with reference to importance of sensitivity analysis and suggest any two novel
techniques for sensitivity analysis of simulation models.
Q3. Neural networks have been used as an alternative to the traditional
mathematical models to simulate complex patterns. The simplicity of their
implementation makes them appropriate for modeling various complicated
processes. Neural computing is largely motivated by the possibility of creating an
artificial computing network similar to the brain and nerve cells in our body.
Recent advances in neuroscience and in computers have sparked a renewed
interest in neural network models for problem-solving.
Briefly describe about the techniques, structure, methodology, application
and significance of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) practiced in emerging
areas of scientific research.
(maximum 2000 words)

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