Lesson 7Activity 1: Project Closure PlanIn your team design a plan for closing the project. Consider:What are the deliverables?To whom are the deliverables given and who has access?What documentation needs to accompany the deliverables?Activity 2: Lessons LearnedOnce the deliverables have been transmitted to the client, it is important to analyze how the project went. Often a questionnaire is given to the client for feedback. This questionnaire should be designed to obtain unbiased feedback about the success of the project, how well it was executed and what contributed to the achievement. You will also want to know what should be avoided in the future and any difficulties encountered along the way. You may also want to know about technology that was used and its effectiveness, how communication occurred and whether effective, how much the client was involved and whether this was adequate. As a team design a questionnaire for the client and other stakeholders including members of the team that would provide constructive feedback for future projects.Activity 3: Project ReportWhile you have not had to actually complete the project your team designed due to time constraints, it is important to work through all the elements necessary if you had completed the project and were in closure. The final part that you need to do is the Project Report. This is completed by the Project Manager and submitted to the project sponsor or client. As a team write a project report based on all the work that was completed. This will include:the project summary, starting from initiation till closurethe project purpose, objectives, plan, schedule (if completed this would also include a comparison of the initial baseline schedule and the actual scheduledetails about and changes that had to occur and their effects on the projectfinancial information including how well you were able to stay on budgetfinal product summary and deliverables