Activity 2: Just Right Company – WBS and Responsibility Matrix Congratulations! Have It Your Way Company has awarded The Just Right Company a new contract worth $250,000, and you have been chosen the sole project manager!Have It Your Way is a fast-food restaurant company with thousands of franchise organizations all around the country. They desperately need you and Just Right Company to develop their latest software application to run on their local store computers. This important application will help them become more efficient at inventory/supply management and billing functions, which, in the long term, will enable Have It Your Way to continue to meet Wall Street financial quarterly projections, as well as investor expectations.1.Project Start Date: January 3, 20072.Cost: Whatever it takes to complete the project, but keep in mind that your billing revenue cannot exceed $250,000, and you need to make a profit on this contract! 3.Overhead Charges: The rates that The Just Right Company’s internal accounting department charges to your contract are as follows.a.Eighteen percent (18%) of the billing revenue is charged for any and all lab and testing facilities.b.Twenty percent (20%) of the billing revenue is charged to your staff members. 4.Project Team Members: You are the Project Manager. The rest of your team is listed below.Activity primary responsibility support responsibilitydevelopment Dan Mike, Billsupport bill Saldeployment David Saldesign Dan Marktraining David Jendocumentation Mark Jentesting Amy Jon, Bill5.All necessary lab and testing
facilities are available to your team during this 120-day period.Your
Activity responses should be both grammatically and mechanically correct, and
formatted in the same fashion as the Activity itself. If there is a Part A,
your response should identify a Part A, etc. In addition, you must
appropriately cite all resources used in your response and document in a
bibliography using APA style. (A WBS and matrix are required.)( A 4 page response)Part
A Create a work breakdown structure
(WBS) similar to the one found on page 117 of the text. Research and include at
least two (2) logical subdivisions for each Activity’s Support Responsibility
team members. Part
B Create a responsibility matrix,
similar to the one found on page 128 of the text. Use each of the names listed
under Support Responsibility as a “Primary” for one of your subdivisions and as
Support for the other subdivision. Note: You may use
MS Word (organizational chart function, tables, textboxes, etc,) or Excel to
develop your WBS and responsibility (relationship) matrix for submission.


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