Discussion Prompt 1 What
does the word psychology mean to you? What preconceived perceptions
about the field of psychology do you bring with you to this course?
Think about modern cinema and television. Do you believe that the psychologist is portrayed in a realistic light? Why or why not? What is the impression of psychotherapy that is conveyed through the media? Explain. Discussion Prompt 2 Read
about the following famous psychological experiment and watch the
videos. First, identify the six research methods discussed in your text
(Ch 2, Fig, 3). Which research method or methods do you think were used
in this study? Explain your reasoning.One of the ethical
concerns noted is the level of deception use by the researchers. In
modern psychology, the deception would not be permitted, perceived as
unethical. Why is deception considered unethical in psychological
research now? What impact might it have on participants? Where do you
stand on the issue? Why do researchers use deception? Do you see any
other ethical concerns with this experiment? Do you think a different
research method would be able to produce the same or similar results
without the ethical concerns? Explain. http://www.simplypsychology.org/milgram.html