A realistic problem that can be addressed through data analytics is identified and effectively summarized in the submission.A data set appropriate to the problem described in Step 1 is acquired and prepared for analytics activities.An appropriate statistical modeling technique is applied to the data set using R Studio.The submission includes clearly labeled and thorough and accurate sections introducing and summarizing the problem, the data and the data preparation. (Step 4a)The submission includes screenshots, explanations and interpretations of statistical modeling activities in R Studio, including an explanation of why the chosen technique (e.g. k-means, or correlation) was used. (Step 4b)The results of analytical activities are clearly labeled and are summarized effectively so that the reader can understand the outcome, meaning and usefulness of the data analytics activities conducted. (Step 4c)A clearly labeled and concise conclusion is given, offering the reader a clear understanding of the main points of the report. (Step 4d)Screen shots and explanations for each question is required.