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1) Business Admin Capstone
Comcast/ Xfinity – The Xfinity One Platform experience
This service will help the company brand keep growing, better services than their
competitors, with voice control remote, DVR, High Definition, on Demand, Wi -Fi, and
internet service.
for example all these other specific features adding devices to your T.V. like your caller ID
for your phone appearing across your T.V. screen, you can play your voice mails and hear
them through your T.V. Security cameras video through your T.V. You can lock and unlock
your house from the outside using your phone.They really make it convenient to pay your
bill, through the my account app, you don’t even have to call them or leave your house. It’s
like apps on your cell phone, you can do many things to your service, even add or drop
channels on your package, and you can also monitor your data usage every month.
Walmart/ Sam’ Club, over the years have out done small businesses, no more local hardware
stores, down to doing your grocery shopping there. Home deliveries, in store pick up, and it’s
all about the one stop shop experience. You can’t just go and get three items you may need,
you always end up spending more and getting other stuff at competitive prices. They have
the right idea, make it hard to resist bargain prices and purchase stuff in bulk, and things you
might have waited to purchase.
Amazon , the quickest delivery with their prime service in two days The even have parts for
your car. I was impressed when I needed a auto part for my car, I needed a Cadillac
Converter , decent price and got it in two days.
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2) Business and Society
An unethical behavior that I encountered was when a co-worker intentionally took monies
that did not belong to her. A client phoned in with a complaint that turned into information
regarding a theft. I (person in charge) was then informed by the client that the associate had
pocketed monies that should have been added to the end of the day count for servi ces that
were rendered. Unbeknown to the associate, the client paid enough attention to know and to
have seen what transpired. Before the associate was given the opportunity to rectify the
situation, I reminded the associate that the open-door policy was in effect and if she needed
help, she could have come to me. Nonetheless, I had to inform the associate of what was
brought to my attention, allowed her to voice the what and why it happened. After that, she
was dismissed from the job.
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3) Solution and Global issue
Please share briefly with the class your own communities (and/or states) natural
resources. How do they affect your community or states economy?
As a Pennsylvanian resident, our place is rich with a wide variety of soils, great mineral wealth,
plentiful timber out its array of natural resources and good water supplies. I am also happy to
announce that Pennsylvania is the only state in the United States that mines anthracite of coal. I
love the taste of the water that I bought from one of the store here in Philadelphia which is
collected from a mountain waterfall. Around 12 million acres of Pennsylvania is covered in
forest. Forests purify the air and water and provide habitat for wildlife. We have a Pennypack
park half a mile away from my home which is about 100 acres of land for fishing from the creek,
getting fresh air, and enjoy the beauty of nature. I love to call as Pennsylvanian because of the
rich natural resources available in our state.
How have recent changes in the prices of natural resources (such as current low gas prices
or how natural gas prices have recently increased) affected you and your community
Petroleums price was increased two weeks ago and back to decrease in this week. I am thinking
that when the availability of gasoline became a shortage, the companies are increasing the price
in the market. As per my research in PA scorecard website, ” The industrial, retail price of
electricity in Pennsylvania increased in 2010, but has moderated in the intervening years and is
now at 6.87 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). The commonwealth’s average price of 6.87 cents
per kilowatt-hour (kWh) in 2016 compared to the 50-state median of 6.73 cents/kWh leads to its
rank of 27th among the states, indicating that it has higher than average electricity costs.
Pennsylvania ranks 42nd for its average natural gas industrial price of $7.88, measured in dollars
per thousand cubic feet. Pennsylvania is near the top of the country in energy production,
ranking 3rd among the states for total energy production in 2014. Pennsylvania’s energy
consumption rate has remained stable and is ranked 28th nationally in total energy consumption
per capita, where first indicates the highest per capita energy use and 50th indicates the lowest
use per capita. ”
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