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1) Business Admin Capstone
According to our text, the globalization of industries and their markets and rapid and
significant technological changes are the two primary factors contributing to the turbulence
of the competitive landscape. I believe that globalizations is more influential to the
competitive landscape because it allows companies to compete against each other in multiple
global economies. In order for companies to maintain profitability they must ensure that
companies are excelling in terms of quality, cost, productivity, and operational efficiency.
I believe that an organization like Bechtel Group could benefit from an I/O model.
1. The construction industry is something that seems to be booming right now, whether on a small
and large scale.
2. There is currently a huge controversy over the border wall. If the funding for it is passed it could
mean billions of dollars for construction companies.
3. It would be important for them to put an offer together that would be fast and cost efficient to the
4. It would be important to increase personnel and equipment in order to handle such a large
5. They are one of the most respected global engineering, construction, and project management
companies. They have a large portfolio of projects that they have completed globally. They also
have employees who are knowledgeable in multiple fields to include infrastructure, defense, and
Overall, the I/O model presets the fact that no matter how good a company is only external
factors can push them over the edge. No matter how controversial the issue is there are some
companies that stand to land huge contracts.
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2) Business and Society
My perspective on relationships between business and society.
Businesses have a greater responsibility to the community other than running their
organizations ethically. The company’s stakeholders leverage their relationships and
alliances to build healthy relationships that are mutually beneficial to the company’s success
as well as address social and ethical challenges.
In some industries the businesses relationships with its community can become more selfserving or opportunistic rather than genuine. An example might be an oil refinery or a
chemical plant potentially needing to buy good will from the community due to the risk of
odors or other environmental releases and or excessive truck or rail traffic. The point here is
that the investment in the community may not be genuine but rather a form of insurance.
After working for Marriott International for 20 years and being involved in so many
community projects I had this false sense of belief that all organizations were as active
globally as Marriott is. Marriott has partners around the globe that run foundations to make
communities thrive and people healthier. After leaving and now working for a small, but
very well off company, I was quite surprised to learn that we do nothing to help the
communities in which we do business.
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3) Solution and Global issue
Population growth affects all our lives in a much more immediate way today. While birth and
death rates usually determine the basic population paradigm, migration also affects it. Most
migrants are in the working ages, and often more males than females migrate across national
borders. When people move away from villages, jobs, schools, shops and other facilities also
disappear. Families with children move to larger towns and cities, and young and better-educated
people move to larger towns and cities. Urbanization is not merely a modern phenomenon, but a
rapid and historic transformation of human social roots on a global scale, whereby predominantly
rural culture is being rapidly replaced by mostly urban culture. This unprecedented movement of
people is forecasted to continue and intensify in the next few decades..
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