Just strictly follow the requirements listed in the guideline and combine at least 8 given readings. Coherent to the course theme. Write a proposal on the current education issues.

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Fall 2018
End of the Quarter Assignment
(9-10 double-spaced pages)
Due on Triton, using turnitin under Assignments by: 7 PM, Friday, December 14 (or earlier)
Imagine that you are working with an advocacy group (e.g. parents, students, teachers, business people, etc.)
that would like to propose reforms to K-12 education in California. One of your responsibilities is to submit a
proposal to Tony Thurmond, the California State Superintendent Elect for Public Instruction. Your proposal
should address how to best serve the diverse student population in our schools. The proposal should persuade
the Superintendent Elect of the urgency of the issues you are presenting, and the need to adopt the course of
action addressed in your proposal.
Your proposal needs to address two of the following themes:
1. The implementation of educational practices that challenge deficit narratives around the concept of
2. The implementation of educational practices that challenge the production and reproduction of
inequalities in schools.
3. The implementation of educational practices that capitalize on students’ “funds of knowledge”.
4. The implementation of educational practices that take into consideration how schools should work with
families from diverse backgrounds in order to enhance the learning experience of their children.
5. The implementation of educational practices that challenge stereotyped categories of students (e.g.
“model minority”).
6. The implementation of educational practices that take into consideration the role of language in the
educational achievement of all students, and more specifically, the educational achievement of
linguistic minoritized students.
7. The implementation of educational practices based on culturally responsive/culturally sustaining
education to promote equitable access for all students.
Your proposal should contain the following elements:
1. Clear statement of the problems/issues. Clearly indicate which two themes you are choosing for your
2. Your proposal
o Detailed, specific practical steps or measures that need to be implemented.
3. Conclusion.
1. This is an academic essay. It must be typed and double-spaced. Use font Times New Roman (size 12),
and use 1-inch margins.
2. Your proposal should be well supported by evidence from the course readings. You must integrate and
cite at least 8 course readings.
3. Cite authors’ names, year, page numbers, etc. as you explain your sources. You may also cite
additional supplementary sources (e.g. lecture notes, videos, podcasts, audio documentaries, guest
speakers, etc.). But these supplementary sources should not be the primary sources for your
4. Please include a Works Cited section.
Please be sure not to make unsubstantiated claims. Therefore, to support your arguments, be sure to draw
from the readings by providing appropriate and academic in-text citations.
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