#Successful agingOnce you have completed the required readings in the Successful Aging module, you are going to create a fact sheet for an older adult audience that summarizes “successful aging.” You will want to include: 1) its definition, 2) its three major components, 3) how life course and systems perspectives influence models of successful aging, as well as 4) individual differences in the aging experience. Your fact sheet should not exceed 2 typed pages.Make sure to keep an older adult audience in mind while developing your fact sheet, and follow the CDC guidance and standards for health communications materials.Download the “Toolkit for Making Written Materials Clear and Effective.” You should download toolkit parts 4, 5, and 9, and follow the standards outlined, as well as review Plain Language tips.Your fact sheet will be evaluated based on the following criteria:Written contentVisual contentCompliance with the CDC guidance and standards for health communicationAccessible for an older adult audienceYour fact sheet should be saved as a Microsoft Word document and uploaded to assignment link.I will have fact sheet sample pdf soon. will upload it asap !There are four reading material (4-8 pages) which I will upload right after tutor selection.will provide extra time max 24 hours if needed.