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Discussion Question:
difficult. Describe a time when you were the recipient of bad news. Analyze
how the delivery of the news impacted you as the recipient. What lessons
(either positive or negative) did you learn from this situation about how to
approach delivering negative messages
Student post 1: Fnu
Delivering bad news is hard. It’s even harder when you are the recipient of the bad news.
One of the biggest features in delivering bad news is how you maintain your body language
when it’s delivered. You have to show sympathy for the case once delivered. Some people
will accept it even it’s an undesirable outcome. It’s about how you deliver the message and
prepare your words accordingly. Be mindful of your facial expressions and show that you
understand the person’s feelings.
Personally, I have a lot of experience of being the recipients of the bad news. Being in the
military is tough sometimes, especially when you are on the battlefield. Four out of five
news were bad while I was on duty. Either our troops got attached or an improvised
explosive devices (IEDs) blow up conveys. It’s always something bad happening but we had
to deal with it somehow.
One day, one of our teams went to supply for one of the district’s constables on patrol (COP)
which is a military base. I was asleep in my bed that morning; my supervisor ran and entered
the room horrifically. And, woke me up, he said, the convoy got hit with an IED. I glimpsed
the bed next to me, my roommate was not there. I geared up and rushed to the team. When
we got to the scene, one of the truck has been hit with an IED and wounded in action’s (WIA)
have been taking away with the medic team.
Unfortunately, my friend lost both of his legs and I went to see him in his house after that.
Sometimes when you hear bad news, you just get to know the sense of the consequences.
My team didn’t communicate clearly that which truck was it and who were in the truck or
maybe it’s the military rule. Being the recipient of the bad news is tough and it leaves a
frightening sign in your life.
Student post 2: Himashu
It is true that delivering bad news, through any means of communication, is
always hard. Most of the time, bad news is disappointing for the recipient.
Depending on the news and how an individual perceives that news could
impact in a positive or negative way. Humans learn from mistakes, and bad
news is one of those mistakes. I feel like we should try to get positive out of the
bad news, if possible.
I remember an incident when I was the recipient of bad news recently, I
wanted to get my driving license last month. I passed my written exam in the
very first attempt, and took some driving classes to polish my driving skills as I
have been driving in India for over 2 years. I was very confident that I am going
to get my license in one try but that was not the case. My examiner broke the
bad news to me that I failed the road test because of some silly mistakes, that
news negatively impacted me at that moment and made me angry. But, later
on, realized that maybe I didn’t deserve it and was not the right time. I acted
positively and practiced over and over until I was an expertise, eventually I was
able to make it the second time

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