be responding to “Sorry to Bother You” and/or the selected chapters from Black Skin, White Masks. You can focus on one of them or put them together in a conversation with each other. As you start watching the movie and reading the book, you will find that they share very similar social experiences and philosophical worldviews. While the movie shows the problem of how we understand “human” in its sci-fi form, the book provides analytical tools and theoretical visions.No matter whether you write about one of them or both, make sure that you are not just doing a summary. You have to come up with a topic and a research question that you are exploring throughout your paper and analyze with your original thoughts. You can think of this 4-page paper as a very short practice for thinking deeply rather than broadly. Just dig in your question directly without too much rhetorical narrative. Be specific and logical.For the citation page, you just have to write down the movie or text you’re dealing with. For example, if you are just writing about “Sorry to Bother You,” you just write this one down. It’s not required to find external resources, but feel free to do so if you like. You can bring in the books, articles, short videos, movies, tv series that you watched or read before into conversation, but make sure that the materials from our course are the core of your analysis. Anything you bring in should make sense in relating to or supporting your analysis of the class materials.