As you begin exploring rehabilitation this week, this Discussion is intended to get you thinking about how the public views rehabilitated offenders, and how comfortable the public is with rehabilitated offenders living in their communities and neighborhoods.To Prepare:Think about your neighborhood and community values.Consider whether you think prior offenders could adhere to the values of your neighborhood or community.Consider how comfortable you are with a prior offender living next door to you.Post a response to the following questions:Do you want a released offender living as your next-door neighbor? Why or why not?If yes, how could you help that offender become a member of the community?If no, what makes you uneasy about that offender living next door?Are there certain types of offenders you would be more comfortable living next to than others? Which ones and why?Post a response to the following question about rehabilitation Are you in if you favor rehabilitation model or punishment model for those convicted of crime and why?Post a response to the following questionWhat role, if any, rehabilitation can play in reducing sure to use APA format and earning resources to help answer the above questions