1. Discuss how you would use information learned from this course to influence education practice and/or policy. Be specific about the type of research study you would use to address the area of concern.2.Respond to discussion board Student A (MF). An area of concern in mine and local schools is the class size. New York City class size maximum is 32 students. ICT classrooms have two teachers and a paraprofessional depending if the students IEP requires it. In my school General Ed teachers do not have additional assistance within their class. Having 32 students is challenging especially when it comes to small group support. There is not enough time in the day to see and support all students, let alone half the class. I believe there should be research done to determine student success within classroom sizes. Research questions that can be researched are, “Are students more successful with less students in the class?” “Are teachers able to support more students with less students?” “Do behavior problems diminish with less students in the class?”