Assignment Instructions:Calling upon assigned readings, class lectures, and your own academic research, develop a thesisstatement that examines a specific concept, question, or concern related to the discussion of raceand ethnicity in American cinema and use this topic to frame a research paper.You may choose to focus on one of the concepts discussed in lecture, readings, or on discussionboard (such as “white privilege,” “Blaxploitation,” “Afrofuturism,” “cultural globalization,” etc.),but the thesis statement you develop must present an original idea about the concept, and yourresearch must enhance our understanding of the topic. For example, if you wanted to talk aboutthe depiction of black identity in the film Crash , you would need to develop your own argumentabout what you think the film’s relationship is to this concept and find sources other than bellhooks and Gilda L. Sheppard to examine how you see these dynamics playing out in the film.Your thesis and subsequent research should reflect a comprehensive examination of thearguments and scholarship that exist on your topic, as well as definitive stance that you are takingas the author of this project. This thesis can be any number of things, depending upon the topicof your choosing, but it must present a fully developed argument.For the research portion for this project you will be required to find 6 academic sources to helpframe your argument. Think of the sources as tools for contextualizing your thesis, ones thatprovide the audience with the adequate information needed to legitimize and follow yourargument. While research is a vital component of this assignment, be sure not to “borrow” thetheses or present the arguments found in this sources as your own. Also, be wary that you do notallow the research to dictate your presentation.Without a thesis statement and sufficient research, you will NOT pass this assignment! You willbe graded on the engaging nature of your essay, the quality of your research, and theoverall strength of your thesis topic. Project Specifics:Research Essay:Length: 6-8 PagesChoosing multiple scenes from any of the films assigned for class, analyze some aspect of thefilm(s) relationship to race and ethnicity, and construct and argument that connects those scenesto some deeper reading of the film. Your interpretation should be of your own creation andshould make the case for how the film seems to be representing a particular idea or concept thatmay not be obvious to the casual viewer. While you are free to analyze any scenes of yourchoosing, the scenes you select cannot be those that have already been highlighted in lecture orclass discussion.Remember: I am interested in your unique opinion, not how well you can regurgitate what wehave covered in class!Papers should follow standard formatting: Typed and printed on standard white paper Margins: 1″ at top, 1.25″ on sides. Double-spaced, in Times New Roman 12pt. font Put the title, centered and in bold at the top of page 1.Put your name and name of the instructor in the top right cornerfilm list: Tangerine (2015, Sean Baker, 88 minutes) King Kong (1933, Schoedsack, Cooper,
1933) Gone With The Wind (1939, Victor Fleming, 238
mins) Crash (2004, Paul Haggis, 112 minutes) Sicario (2015, Denis Villeneuve, 121
minutes) The Godfather (1972, Francis Ford Coppola,
177 minutes) American Psycho (2000, Mary Harron, 101
minutes) Coffy (1973, Jack Hill, 91 minutes) Daughters of the Dust (1991, Julie Dash, 112
minutes) Chan is Missing (1982, Wayne Wang, 80 minutes)