1C-Research Project-Initial SearchThis is the first step in your research project-the main assignment for this course.Sales Research- Group (majors/fields) find a company online that looks like it would be involved in your field( crimin justice ). begin looking for sites that have information pertinent to the company…who are the competitors…how large is the industry, etc….Now make a list of sites where you can get background information so that when you show up on site to apply you’ll have all public information.Please follow the instructions form the example Down below.It should be about law company

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Example 1-What I have researched is not a particular company, but a
particular industry, and that would be the food truck industry. I have
been very interesting in join that industry as a potential food truck
owner and entrepreneur. So here is what I have found pertaining to the
food truck industry:
The food truck industry has two types of compeditors: indirect and
direct. In the food truck industry, the direct comp etitors would be other
food trucks across the nation, of course. And the indirect competitors
would be restaurants, particular fine dining establishments. In other
words, the food truck industry is highly competitive.
*It is known as a perfect-competitive kind of market*
“Perfect competition is a market structure in which the following five
criteria are met: 1) All firms sell an identical product; 2) All firms are
price takers – they cannot control the market price of their product; 3)
All firms have a relatively small market share; 4) Buyers have complete
information about the product being sold and the prices charged by
each firm; and 5) The industry is characterized by freedom of entry and
exit. Perfect competition is sometimes referred to as “pure competition”.
Read more: Perfect
Competition https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/perfectcompetition.a
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When it comes to food truck industry trends, the food truck industry is
massively booming to become a more avant-garde kind of industry,
always creating new ways of innovation, including going more local in
this past year, as well as more artisanal and authentic. The food
industry is the kind of industry that allows for creat ivity and fluidity
through its food. There is no such thing as simple.
” The mobile food industry is in it’s seventh year of consistent growth and the 2015
food truck industry statistics are here prove it. While food trucks may not be the new
kid in the food service industry, the fact remains that the food truck se gment is still
growing. The best part is that there is still plenty of room for additional growth. Many
cities across the country are still trying to determine how to regulate the industry, but
many of them have started leaning towards fair ordinances that allow vendors to
As of 2015, the food truck industry is worth 1.2Billion dollars.
Annual revenue-$709,200,000,000
The start up costs are not as expensive as starting a restaurant.
It is a very popular industry.
Here’s a good slide show that descirbies the basic steps and
considerations in setting up the food truck orbusines -it even mentions
franchse opportunities…

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