Kristi KissellManage Discussion EntryNetflix is a top-rated company when it comes to streaming movies and tv shows. Netflix’s missions statements have changed over the years to adapt to their growing company and reevaluating their organization. Netflix’s current Mission Statement is “Our core Strategy is to grow our Streaming subscription business domestically and globally.We are continuously improving the customer experience, with a focus on expanding our streaming content, enhancing our user interface and extending our streaming service to even more Internet-connected devices, while staying within the parameters of our consolidated net income and operating segment contribution profit targets” (Netflix, 2019). The big thing that stands out in the mission statement is that Netflix wants to continue to grow and not raise the prices for the consumers. The organization is doing what it can to not only be the best and provide the best, but to also not continually raise the prices on the consumer just because the company is succeeding and hitting its goals.“It is imperative that the strategy and vision must be completely aligned, which is why an organization should review and, if necessary, revise the vision statement after deciding on the strategy and strategic direction in case the latter has been changed” (Abraham, 2012). When Netflix had first started they were delivering DVD’s to consumers through the mail based on what they ordered, now Netflix has realigned their mission statement to fit with how Netflix wants to be the best in digitally streaming movies and tv shows, as well as producing their own Netflix series. Instead of Netflix trying to push the number of DVD’s going out, the company is now focusing on how many subscribers they can bring in and retain. Abraham, S. C. (2012). Strategic management for organizations (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.Netflix (2019). Netflix Inc. Basic Info. Retrieved from