# Question / Indicate what you believe to be a very significant event in the history of emergency management. This can be a disaster, a piece of legislation, or some other defining moment. List the impacts and outcomes of the event and defend your answer. Please choose a modern era (last 20 years) event, other than 9/11, that had an impact on emergency management.# Response / I’m sure I can name any number of significant events in the history of emergency management. I would like to begin this discussion by mentioning hurricane Katrina. As you know that hurricane occurred in the year 2005 in the Gulf area of the United States. An entire piece of legislation,PKEMRA, helped shape emergency management promptly for decades to come. The reason this happened, is that there were many, many problems associated with the response to this event. Among them include failure of coordination of resources, failure of communication, failure to properly prepare and mitigate, and ignorance about practical realities such as the level of poverty in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. The hurricane course did not limit its devastation to that city went as far as the state of Mississippi. Several Eastern states as well as state of Texas had to help in taking in many of the refugees who were victims of this monstrous hurricane. Later in the semester we will talk a little bit about some of those lessons learned. – Please add to this comments above regarding Hurricane Katrina.- Two paragraphs.- APA Style.- One reference at least.