Lesson 7Activity 1: Developing an International StrategyMarketing teams now develop an international strategy for a new product or service. Based on what your team learned in the Task, and based on the concept of Blue Oceans and sound international marketing principles, select a product or service and design a strategy to bring it to market. Think profitability but also making your brand known, and being culturally sensitive. Be specific and clear. The final strategy should be detailed in a presentation that will be given to the other marketing teams.You might want to use 7 Recommendations for a Balanced Global Marketing Strategyor download The global Marketing PlaybookActivity 2: Team PresentationsEach marketing team will present their international strategy to the other teams. Teams that are not presenting will act as investors who must be convince to support the strategy for moving the product or service into the global market.Reviewing teams should rate the strategies for:Whether the product/service is clearly describedWhether the product/service supports the mission and vision of the company and supports the brandWhether the strategy is well developed and clearWhether the strategy is reasonable for the market describedWhether the strategy can be carried out within financially reasonable means.Whether the strategy is culturally sensitive and does not “blunder”Activity 3: Case Study 13 Businesses with Brilliant Global Marketing StrategiesAs a team analyze the 13 businesses to determine what strategies they used in the international market.What were the strategies?Were they all different? Why?What markets were they attempting to address?Would some of the strategies worked for every other company? Why or why not?Submit here.