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Scholarly Academic References
1. Atsunao Marui, A. H. (2015). Managing Groundwater Radioactive Contamination at
the Daiichi Nuclear Plant. Int J Environ Res Public Health, 8498–8503.
This article will be used in identifying the risks associated with nuclear power
stations. The article will help identify the possible damages that these plants can cause to
the environment, based on the 2011 reactor disaster in Japan. The publication will also be
used in analyzing various strategies, which can be utilized to manage radioactive
pollution of water resources that are near nuclear power plants (Atsunao Marui, 2015).
2. Edmonds, P. (2017). The Ethics of Nuclear Waste. Stanford University.
This article will be used in discussing: what constitutes nuclear waste, history of
radioactive material disposal, and the future of nuclear waste disposal. This will also be
used in highlighting the discovery of nuclear energy in the mid-20th century, and how its
use has increased over the years. The increase in toxic radioactive waste across
generations will also be analyzed, as well as the possible future of these
wastes (Edmonds, 2017).
3. OECD. (2012). Nuclear Energy Today. ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC COOPERATION AND DEVELO, 114. Retrieved from https://www.oecdnea.org/pub/nuclearenergytoday/3595-nuclear-energy-today.pdf
This report will be used in identifying the fundamental issues caused by nuclear
energy today. The article highlights the role of policy makers in addressing these issues,
as well as the role of industrial managers and the media in highlighting them. The report
will also be the basis for discussing social impact of this technology, as well as its
sustainability (OECD, 2012).
4. Parkins, J. R. (2011). Social and Ethical Considerations of Nuclear Power
Development. ResearchGate.
This publication will be used in highlighting the ethical and social considerations,
which nuclear power operators should take into account when establishing plants, and
disposing radioactive waste. The article will be used in highlighting the global ethical
principles, which these plants should adhere to (Parkins, 2011).
5. Stephen M. Goldberg, R. R. (2011). Nuclear Reactors: Generation to Generation.
American Academy of Arts& Sciences , 40.
This article discusses nuclear reactors’ adoption from generation to
generation. Current uses of nuclear power as well as their economic, social, and cultural
impact will be discussed in reference to this publication.

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