Discussion board: Scope of Nursing Practice (30 points)- note that what is in bold should be your topic for this assignment and from your readings.For this discussion:*You will define the nurse’s scope of practice as described by the ANA.*You will also define the nurse’s scope of practice in your own state/country (if you are an international student use your own country).*Next, you will explain a clinical scenario that demonstrates how you have applied this scope of practice successfully (from start to finish – a complete example for full credit).*Finally, you will explain why all nurses should have a functional knowledge of their own nurse practice act.NOTE: Please write in paragraph format in discussion boards. Do not write the questions and answer below, and do not write in bullet points.You also need to include an intro and conclusion in your discussion board.The original post can be accepted up to 2 days late with point deductions, (until Sunday at midnight), but after that point there is no credit given for the original post or replies.Paper: Legislative Process and Healthcare Lobbying (40 points)This is your first APA formatted paper and should include a title page, running head and page numbers, proper headings, and correct in text citations and references. There is a Sample APA Paper in your APA Manual and on the Purdue OWL website; please review if you are unsure of what a title page should look like, or what information it should include.You DO NOT need an abstract for any assignment in this course. You DO need a separate introduction paragraph and conclusion paragraph.This assessment requires you to describe the legislative process and the role of the nurse as a healthcare policy advocate. Your paper will consist of two parts:Part 1:*A clear and complete discussion of the legislative processPart 2:*You will choose one of the political issues listed in Burkhardt & Nathaniel on pages 392-393*Tie that political issue to current HEALTHCARE legislation being debated in your own state’s house or senate—include all pertinent information*Describe both sides of that issue – for and against – clearly and thoroughly, and with references*Explain your own position, and explain why using research-based fact, not just your own opinion.NOTE: Please avoid the following topics, as these do not demonstrate research into current legislation in health care and are more “hot button” issues that do not often result in a strong paper:*abortion*staffing ratios/mandatory overtime*physician assisted suicide*If you choose to pick a popular topic such as gun control, you need to ensure you have strong supporting evidence within healthcare.Save the document with the filename: “Lastname_Firstname_Module_2_Assessment_6” (Example: Smith_Jill_ Module_2_Assessment_6.docx)