DISCUSSION POST MUST BE 10+ SENTENCES AND THE PEER REVIEW MUST BE 7+ SENTENCES PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS AND DO NOT COPY FROM OTHER SITES STAY ON TOPIC ,BE POSITIVE , AND DO NOT COMMENT ON GRAMMAR ERRORS. TALK DIRECTLY TO CLASSMATES IN PEER REVIEWS!!!1) DISCUSSION QUESTIONScripps Recruitment and Interview Process (20 pts)After watching the video titled Scripps*, (also located in the Learn section), isolate one (1) aspect of the Scripps recruitment and interview process that could be most attributable to Scripps’ ample supply of registered nurses. Explain how you could apply this aspect at your current (or former) place of work.Post a response to this prompt and respond to 1-2 peers.Note: Flash Player must be enabled in your browser to view this video.2) PEER REVIEW #1 (RASHONA)The pet insurance that Scripps offer to their nurses is a great attribute to the hospital when it comes to interviewing for new nurses as well as their current nurses. I chose this one because having worked at four different hospitals where I live, there are a lot of nurses who have pets and would have to purchase a separate insurance plan just for their pets alone, and the insurance for the pets are extremely high. This is a benefit that would be great for the nurses that works in the hospitals located in the city that I live in. 3) PEER REVIEW #2 (JOVAN)One aspect of the recruitment and interview process that could be most attributable is the 529 college savings plan. Most families that have children usually have to help their child/children pay for college tuition or other educational expenses. Instead of employees having to commit to several hours of overtime, the 529 college savings plan allows families to save and invest in an educational savings plan account in which the funds can be allocated for an educational public or private institute. Not only does a 529 plan help families prepare for educational expenses, it has many tax benefits as well. In addition, many families incur less debt for educational expenses that can otherwise induce hardship if there is limited funding that can cover such expenses. Also, for registered nurses, the tuition reimbursement can be a great incentive for those that would like to further their education or move into another profession in the health field. My current employer currently has tuition reimbursement for full time employees, but they do not offer a 529 college savings plan, unless the account is privately funded by the individual. Offering benefits other than health insurance can help ease financial burdens of working families and can help benefit less economic hardship. A lot of stress that is induced upon families usually comes from financial difficulties caring for a loved one or personal matter. With an aspect of a 529 college savings plan. many educational financial issues are alleviated.