Answer TWO of the following. Be sure to have an argument, to support it with references to the text(s), and to use the vocabulary of literature. 1) Is James Joyce’s “The Dead” a strong example of modernism? Defend your answer with definitions, characteristics, and specific references to the story. 2) Is August Wilson’s Gem of the Ocean a political or an aesthetic work? Use specific examples from and references to the play to support your thesis. 3) Is the poetry of high modernism too allusive and self-absorbed to be relevant to contemporary readers? 4) Using the characteristics of modernist poetry by T. S. Eliot (“The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”), argue your position. 5) Are Amiri Baraka’s work (plays and poetry) relevant for the digital age? With references to the characteristics and content of his work (selected poems and references to Dutchman argue your position.Essay must include: Statement of argument ; vocabulary of literature ; specific and relevant support ; effective organization ; avoidance of mechanical and grammatical errors. (intro, body, conclusion, including an argument, specific support points, and the vocabulary ofliterature). Each question should be a page or less but it must has the above criteria.