Attached document contains the DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS for this assignment and is to be completed on the organization listed within the instructions. An additional weblink has been provided to get more information on the organization. This is a very detailed and complex assignment. Only bid if you are well versed on powerpoint, strategic planning and able to follow the detailed instructions. please contact me if you have any questions in regards to this assignement.

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Detailed Assignment Instructions:
Strategic Assessment Project (PowerPoint presentation plus References page)
Goal: Develop and present via PowerPoint a strategic plan for your organization (BOSSIER
CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT), integrating various concepts, components and
processes. Submit a power-point presentation (ppt or pptx) along with a References page
(.doc) that verifies sources used.
Introduction: Managers who want to improve the effectiveness of the future outcomes of their
organization employ strategic planning. In a 20-25-slide PowerPoint presentation, present a strategic
plan for your organization, accompanied by a References-only page as a Word.doc that contains the
minimum 10 sources used in the development of the presentation. Your presentation may be a redeveloped plan based on the plan your organization already uses. You will need to begin by providing
a brief history of the company, and then delve into the process detailed more fully below. Accompany
your writing with a minimum five scholarly journal articles that support the assertions made in your
strategic plan. You will also need to use at least five other sources—books, magazines, websites, and
even interviews—to augment your data support for the presentation.
Your strategic plan should address [Suggested number of PPT slides in brackets]:
The Name of the Company/Firm [1 PPT slide]
Brief History of the Company (or Organization), its Mission and Vision [2-3 PPT slides]
Organizational Analysis [5-6 PPT slides]: This section will present your identification of the firm’s
strengths and weaknesses, which emanate from your value chain and functional analyses. There is a
maximum of five strengths and five weaknesses and your presentation of them should be prioritized.
Exhibits are effective tools to provide strong support for each strength and weakness. Please be as
specific as possible and quantify your analysis where appropriate. This section will provide the first
part of the foundation for your identification of strategic issues and related recommendations through
your analysis of the organization’s core competencies, competitive advantages and organizational
Environmental Analysis [5-6 PPT slides]: This section will present your identification of the major
external threats and opportunities currently facing the organization. These will be generated from your
analysis of the industry and general environmental factors in light of the organization’s strengths and
weaknesses. A maximum of five threats and five opportunities should be identified and should be
presented in a prioritized order. Use power point exhibits to support your analysis, be specific and
quantify your analysis where possible. This section will provide the second part of the foundation for
your identification of a strategic issue and the formulation of related recommendations through your
analysis of driving forces, key success factors and industry attractiveness.
Strategic Issues and Recommendations [6-7 PPT slides]: Identify (with support) the most
important strategic issue facing your organization. It is extremely important that you clearly integrate
the strategic issue with your analysis to the organization’s SWOT. There may be interrelationships
between particular weaknesses and threats or missed opportunities, which should be recognized. It
may be possible that 2 different weaknesses, 1 threat and 1 opportunity could be combined, due to
their relatedness, to form one strategic issue. Similarly, your recommendations should attempt to
capitalize and build upon strengths, competitive advantages and opportunities that you identified. The
point is to clearly ground your issue and recommendations with the internal and external analyses so
that the presentation is clear.
Conclusion/Summary [1-2 PPT slides]
We, the members of the Bossier City Police Department,
exist to protect life and property under the law, with full respect for citizens irrespective of race,
color, or sex, and according to the highest standards of professional skill, integrity and
BOSSIER CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT HISTORY: On April 9th, 1907, Governor N C. Blanchard
chartered the village of Bossier City, Louisiana. The Bossier City Marshal’s Office was
established that same year and charged with enforcing the law in the new village. Charles Smith
was the first appointed city marshal of Bossier City and served in that position until 1911. The
city marshal’s office was the only law enforcement agency in Bossier City until 1949 when
Bossier City Police Department was formed and began operations in the old city hall building
located in downtown on Barksdale Boulevard.
Burgess McCranie was appointed the first Chief of Police after resigning his position as City
Marshal. At that time, the Bossier City Police Department was comprised of twelve members
and one police car. But like the city itself, the police department continued to grow. BCPD Traffic
Division was established in 1954. In 1963 the department moved to larger quarters at 201
Monroe Street. In 1985 it moved to its third and present location within Bossier City Municipal
Complex at 620 Benton Road.
Since it’s creation the Bossier City Police Department has had 14 police chiefs. Chief Shane
McWilliams was appointed the department’s newest commander on April 8, 2010.
Weblink to Bossier City Police to help assist if needed:

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