As you have explored and examined the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach throughout this course, you have thought about the various strengths and limitations in the use of the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach in clinical practice. What strengths do you find in this type of treatment? What limitations do you find that may challenge your beliefs regarding therapy and change? How might you address those limitations that you identify?For this Discussion, you will explore the strengths and limitations in the use of Interpersonal Psychotherapy in clinical practice.To prepare for this Discussion: Review the final “Session 6” of the Psychoanalytic Therapy Over Time (DVD), and observe the therapist process of termination with the client, as well as acknowledgment of what happened throughout the therapy process. Additionally, review the final therapy commentary addressing Dr. Safran’s final thoughts regarding psychodynamic/relational therapy in practice.Reflect on the videos you created in Weeks 5, 6, and 7. As you reflect on your ability to understand and utilize the skills, techniques, and interventions of this particular approach to therapy, consider if this therapeutic orientation and “clinical identity” fits your intended approach to professional practice, and provide a rational for why it does or does not. By Day 4 Post whether the Interpersonal Psychotherapy approach to practice fits well with your developing clinical identity as a professional. Explain why or why not. Also, include an explanation of at least two strengths and two limitations with regard to using this approach in your clinical practice. (Note: Strengths and limitations may include ethical considerations.) Use your Learning Resources from this week and previous weeks to support your post. Use proper APA format and citations