1.Discuss how forecasting effects the supply chain of an automobile manufacturer. Consider especially the forecasting and supply chains involved in manufacturing a new model (entirely new, not an edition/annual change). How do the individual supply chains for the subparts effect the larger supply chain of the whole automobile. How does forecasting effect the just-in-time or lean production system used in most automobile manufacturing plants?Example of a typical automobile supply chain:Suppliers for raw materialsSuppliers for parts and subsystemsAutomobile manufacturer (Ford, in the example). Within a company, there are also different departments, which constitute the internal supply chain:Purchasing and material handlingManufacturingMarketing, etc.Transportation providersAutomobile dealers(350 Words)2.Create a rudimentary supply chain for delivering canned peaches to the consumer. Discuss the sources of uncertainty within this supply chain. What are the risks? How could the manufacturer mediate the risks? (350 Words)