After reviewing the T-TESS observation video, the T-TESS Rubric, the T-TESS Rubric Domain Overview, the T-TESS Crosswalk, and the T-TESS Planning Domain Collecting Evidence Example, you will use the T-TESS Observation Evidence Sheet to watch a T-TESS teacher lesson and script the lesson. The suggestion is that you choose a grade level that you do not currently work in so you obtain practice with a different content area and grade level to script.Visit the Teachers Section of the Rubric Training section and watch videos on the following PlanningInstructionLearning EnvironmentClick on the Calibration Videos link on the left had side of the T-TESS Page which will bring up Elementary, Junior High and High School Teacher videos.After watching one of the videos, complete the T-TESS Observation Evidence SheetScript the lessonDraft a summary of each of the major lesson componentsFor a review on the evaluation process, see below:Evaluation ProcessThe Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support (T-TESS) System observation cycle includes a pre-conference, observation and post-conference, as the recommended cycle for supporting teachers. During the observation, appraisers capture detailed, strategically-scripted evidence and use this evidence in conjunction with the T-TESS dimensions and descriptors of the rubric to determine performance levels. Each aspect of the observation cycle is included in this section.OrientationGoal-SettingPre-ConferenceObservationsPost-ConferenceEnd-of-Year ConferenceCampus leaders conduct orientation session(s) for teachers who are new to T-TESS to familiarize them with the T-TESS process, its components, key staff roles and responsibilities, information and resources available during implementation, where to seek assistance, and how to develop and implement goals and professional development plans. The orientation serves as an initial overview that is supported with ongoing learning opportunities, thereafter.** You pretty much write everything that is going on. It should give you examples of what to do..