– Use the Excel Template from your analysis of the other 4 sites.- Add a tab/section to compile the feedback received on your presentation from week 6 discussion.- Incorporate both your analysis of the other sites and the feedback received into your presentation on a slide that scopes in/guides the development of your prototype.- Submit updated slide deck in Moodle

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Student’s Name: Jawad Naqvi
User Interface Analysis
Type of interface
Elements of analysis
Command language based in-
Focused on restructuring a
Color-they may include col-
command language which the
ors Based on the environment,
user can use to give a com-
and the color has unique char-
Font-Uses Consolas or Lucida
console fonts in MS-DOS or
text focused like for Linux.
Ease of browsing and navigation-it is natural since a
keyboard is used
Consistency-all operations
and alternatives are designed
in a consistent form
Gives the user more control
and options
Memory load-able to multitask however not able to view
the same resources at the same
Distracting elements-not was
able to view different resources at the same screen
since the stars, heavy elements
and planet do distract.
Menu driven interface
Focused on an identification
Color-doesn’t necessarily
of the command names, and
need to be visual thus suitable
no recollection
for a telephone.
Font-the style might be difficult to read
Ease of browsing-its natural
since no need to remember the
actual syntax of the command
Ease of navigation-uses
pointing device thus typing effort is low since all interactions are carried through menu
Distraction-composing demands are impossible since
actions concerning logical
connectives are awkward to
select. Also, slow as viewed
by experienced users.
Consistency-If, the number of
choices, is large, it’s difficult
to select the menu.
Graphical user interface
A human-based computer in-
Color-Different colors can be
terface that uses window,
used such as white and yellow
menus, and icons that can be
for a full view and white and
computed by the mouse
black for easy reading.
Font-depends on user requirements, for example, use custom fonts in browsers
Distraction-Uses a lot of CPU
memory and the memory
Ease of navigation and browsing-since it’s much visually intuitive it’s easy to use
Memory load-minimizes user
memory load by taking over
the weight of mind from the
Ease of browsing and navigation-uses text navigation
which makes it easy to use.
Users interact with the application.
Direct manipulation inter-
Presents the interface to the
Color-objects needed in the
faces/iconic interface
users in visual model forms
user interface are seen since
thus also called iconic inter-
they have visual tower’s col-
Font-usually has a single and
also Prosodic Font.
Ease of browsing and navigation-uses time navigation
allowing users to do operations at a fast rate. Also, video
browsing allows speedier
analysis of data
Memory load-has minimized
memory load due to its ability
to operate high pressure of activity faster.
Distraction-slow as seen by
experienced users. Composing
demand is not easy since some
actions are awkward.
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