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Tesla Current Marketing Strategies
● What are they currently strategies are they using to market their company?
Tesla’s marketing strategy is second to none while considering their present
specialized vertical marketplace. It is not just $90k – $130k car buyers either but
they hold reservations for over half million Model 3’s, a car that is yet not even
within production (Sunley 1). With more than 95% of care shoppers currently
using digital channels to research vehicles, Tesla is currently using social media
to market their company. Social media has become a virtual showroom for the
globe to see the newest products of the company on the market and what is
coming in the future. The most fascinating aspect of Tesla is its incredible
strength from a social media marketing point of view. The company that was
founded just fifteen years ago is top three on social media outdoing brands that
have been there such as Ford, Toyota, and Volkswagen (Sunley 1). A great deal
of industry social media analyses generally reveals that larger firms tend to
outperform their smaller rivals. However, there are exceptions like in the case of
Tesla, a company that is thirty-times smaller compared to its rivals, is
outperforming bigger brands that have been in the industry for many years.
● What type of responses are they getting from their current marketing plan(s)?
Give specific information. (examples from social media specific to their
advertising, such as comments, likes, shares etc…)
Moreover, there is still some hesitancy from CEOs when talking to social media.
However, Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, definitely does not fit into that category
(Sunley 1). Actually, the CEO’s social media popularity has a greater influence
on his company compared to any other business. From a social perspective, the
Tesla’s CEO is personal discussion his new business ideas during his drive
home which greatly helps market the company’s products.
The company’s marketing strategy on social media is not an approach that
essentially works for every firm but once a firm has created hype cars like Tesla
has done, the social media rules begin to shift. Tesla does not need to remain in
social media through given that their popularity on social media has grown
tremendously. Even in days of inactivity they still remain among the three most
talked about car brands across the world.
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