1- Problem statement: Inequity on disparity with males and females students in technology classes. Provide 2 paragraph with articles supporting this statement. With evidence that provides justification for this issue in education. Provide 4 citations that highlight the relevance and currency of this problem.2-Purpose statement: This study is to explore the perception of Computer science’s high school teachers on the disparity with female and male students in their classrooms. Present a concise, 1 paragraph statement on the overall purpose above. The study serves as the connection between the problem being addressed and the focus of study.a) In a quantitative studies, state WHA NEEDS BE STUDIES by describing 2 or more factors(variables) and a onjectured relationship among them related to the identified gap in problem.b) In qualitatives studies, describe the NEED FOR INCREASED UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE ISSUE to be studied, based on the identified gap or problem.c) In mixed-methods studies, with both quantitative ans qualitative aspects, clarify HOW THE 2 APPROACHES WILL BE USED TOGETHER TO INFORM THE STUDY.3- RESERCH: List possible research questions that show potential to adress your stated problem, which will lead to the development of WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE IN THIS STUDY AND HOW IT WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED. RECALL that”a) The research question should not be too broad or too norrow.b) The research question must be researchablec) The research question should be neutral and not leadingd)The research question must be directly investigable using the research tools at hand.e) The research question avoids yes/no questions NO MATTER WHAT APPROACHf) Reasearch questions often begin with ” HOW” or “WHAT”g) References included APA- format****** PLEASE FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS*****