Please write 2-3 sentences in which you define the 10 terms, laws, policies, practices, institutions, and historical events/movements/moments/processes listed below. Please do not simply copy-and-paste the first few sentences of the Wikipedia article (though Wikipedia might be where you start your research). Try to go deeper.In this assignment, we’re moving beyond City of Segregation to a certain extent. The following list is meant to get you thinking about problems related to segregation, gentrification, real estate, homelessness, housing, etc. that might lead you to good, interesting topics for your HCP.


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1) “Rent Gap” (Neil Smith’s theory of gentrification)
2) Inclusionary Zoning
3) Gang Injunctions
4) Green Gentrification
5) Foreclosure Crisis (or Subprime Mortgage Crisis) of 2008
6) “Reverse Redlining” (aka “Predatory Lending”)
7) School Segregation
8) Ellis Act [California state law]
9) Opportunity Zones (tax incentives for investors)
10) Skid Row in Los Angeles

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