As the assignment states, you will need to research and pick a company and try and determine how they currently use EA or how they might be impacted by the use of EA. You will have to do some hunting around (Google) and you may have to use your imagination in thinking about how EA would be used or could be used by the company if you cannot find much info on it. I would recommend either finding a company that has information about it publicly available, such as through white papers or academic articles. Or, choose a company that you are interested in potentially working for and do some further research on them.

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Assignment #1 IS 363 Enterprise Architecture
Select a large or mid-size enterprise from business or government and describe
the following:
a. What structural and cultural aspects should be captured by EA?
b. Who are the potential stakeholders in an EA program?
c. What strategies for gaining stakeholder buy-in could be used?
d. Relate strategies for managing change to various stakeholders.

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