1) watch “What Kind of Asian Are You” clip, You must thoughtfully answer the following question in a few paragraphs.In the clip, what is the source of misunderstanding between the woman and man? Explain this misunderstanding based on the content. Apply at least three of the Module 2 key concepts in your answer.Module 2 Key ConceptsWorldviewDeep structureIdentityCustomsRitualsPerceptionStereotypesPrejudiceEthnocentrismRacism Compare and contrast the content of the clip to the reading “We’re from America.” How common do you think these types of misunderstandings are?Discuss what you could do differently if you were 1) in the man’s position and 2) in the woman’s position to be a successful intercultural communicator.Second paragraph 2) 1. Why do cultures perceive differently? What is a worldview? Be sure to cite the textbook and to give specific examples of worldviews.