Can you please provide a minimum of 6 quotes from SCHOLARLY sources (that means no internet). All quotes must be cited according to MLA 8 format. I have the presentation completed except for the quotes.The presentation is about history in WatchmenYOU DON”T HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE PRESENTATION, ONLY ADD QUOTES.

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Thesis Statement of the
✓ The story in the watchmen novel is an alternate version of history with minor
alterations of the actual events.
✓ Most the time, authors attempt to portray various messages about how history
really happened through an alternate history.
✓ In their effort they end up changing some of the vents to suit their messages
which may alter way true history events actually occurred.
✓ Therefore, they may introduce fictitious events that are different from the actual
historical events that occurred.
✓ In fiction genre, alternate history has always been a very important literary device
with authors and filmmakers manipulating to enhance the medium.
❖The Watchmen acts as not only a plain novel or comic book but also as a
representation of the American society in history.
❖The comic book presents a set of events that happened in the US in the past using
fictional characters.
❖However, the author changed some event which suited the scenario as well as to meet
the expectations and themes of the book.
❖The initial purpose of the creation of the Watchmen came from the desire to show the
impacts that superheroes would have on the society.
❖However, as the story developed, Moore sought to write about power as well as the
presentation of the superheroes in the community.
•The Watchmen, is an alternate history novel set in the 1985 United States of America, in which
costumed superheroes are part of the society.
•The novel features the “Doomsday Clock” to depict the tension between the Soviet Union and the
United States of America.
•It attempts to predict how humanity is far from nuclear holocaust set at five minutes before midnight.
•The story begins when one of the characters “The Comedian” is assassinated by being thrown from
his apartment window.
•Another character, Rorschach, sets out to find out about the plan to kill in order to discredit past and
present superheroes.
•The character reconnects with his former group of superheroes and discovers disturbing conspiracy
theories that links their past to terrible consequences in the future. Their mission is to protect
humanity from self-destruction.
The Watchmen
The novel, Watchmen,
incorporates alternate history
as a literary device to enhance
the message it attempts to
deliver to the audience using
real life historical events.
Through false history they are
able to enhance the message
they are attempting to portray.
❖The book shows a set of events that happened in the real world.
❖For instance, the Watchmen presents the tension between the US and the Soviet Union
in regards to the cold war.
❖Further, other events that happened in reality include the success of the US in the war in
Vietnam(Moore, Klinger and Gibbons).
❖Further, the book presents a chronological of events that resulted into Nixon remaining
as the President of the United States.
❖Moore placed these events to create allow the general population to explore and
understand the American history using art and fiction, especially by the use of
Soviet Union and America

Watchmen is a comic novel that was written by Alan Moore; the book has been
praised for it is rich in symbolism.

The novel Watchmen talks about what was happening between the US and the
Soviet Union. The two superpowers hated each other, after the world war II they
did not fight directly against each other; instead, they used arm races and through
spying. The war was more of a period of competition among powers than the actual
war; it lasted for 44 years.
Vietnam and America

The United States involved itself in the war with Vietnam; they went to fight as
a way to prevent a communist from taking over of South Vietnam, the war took
a longer duration, it was expensive, and the divisive conflicts that eroded the
communist regime of North Vietnam against South Vietnam was the United

Through the novel, Moore clearly shows that war legacy does not last, and
fighting is never the solution. The US, Vietnam, and USSR could have resorted
to talks other than war. In the end, it is not Doctor Manhattan with his godlike
abilities nor Rorschach but the peace that humanity choose.
Vietnam and America
❖Moore changes some of the events to suit the story.
❖Some of the rampant events that the book changes include the president terms in the US.
❖Currently, the country’s constitution does not allow a single president to go for more than two
❖In the book, Moore however, presents a country where the president can go for more than 2 terms
(Moore, Klinger and Gibbons).
❖The reason that makes Moore change the story comes from the fact that he intends to develop the
role of Nixon in relation to winning the Vietnam war.
❖The probable reason why Moore changed the events come from the fact that he
wanted to show the real representation of not only the superhero but also the real
American society.
❖The book present a set of events that show the real history of the US in the
❖The doomsday clock and the other subsequent stories show the tension that
existed between the US and the Soviet Union during the onset of the cold war.
❖Further, the book shows the developments in the level of technology especially
through Dr. Manhattan (Moore, Klinger and Gibbons).
•The various documents of portrayed through the “ Watchmen”, proves that alternate history is used
by Alan Moore messages.
•Alan Moore’s point was that nothing is safe in the world because human beings are self-destructive
by nature.
•Moore accomplishes this point by attempting to focus on small things such as alteration of major
historical events, propaganda, media, and alternate branding.
•Use of alternate historical events in the book helps in shaping the plot of the story, the feelings of the
audience, and the message conceived about the aim of the book.
•If Alan Moore had not exercised care, alternate history would have muddled the plot of the story and
the political messages it attempts to portray.
•Despite the critical acclaim and difference in opinion, Alan Moore managed to create a story from
alternate history and still prove his point.
•Using political documents, Moore had a fine idea of how the assassination of John F.
Kennedy was.
•Rather than Lee Harvey Oswald, it is the comedian who shoots president Kennedy.
•This also illustrates growing corruption in the government because it is still the
comedian who hired to join Dr. Manhattan in Vietnam.
•The watchmen, is a perfect illustration of alternate history with many events in the
novel relating to that time period.
•Furthermore, through alternate history Moore is able to effectively deliver the
message to the audience in a way they can understand.
Historical events help shape the story and feelings of the reader including the main
messages and themes.
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