Discussion PromptIn section 2.1 you read about how we can model certain situations using linear equations. In particular, example 8 shows how you can create an equation to predict sales of a company.Pick a company whose sales you want to model and predict. Look up their sales information and pick 2 years of data. Using that information, create a linear equation that can be used to predict the sales of the company. Once you have your equation, predict the sales 2 years from now.Make sure you include in your post the links where you found the relevant information. Clearly show your work. This includes naming the company, sharing the ordered pairs, defining variables, finding the slope, determining the equation, and then using that equation to predict.When replying to your classmates, consider the company that they chose. How does the growth (or shrink) of the company compare with the company you chose? Do you think that the equation will be accurate 5 years from now? Why or why not?This is only a example DO NOT USEAutoZone From the website https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/AZO/auto… It showed me that AutoZone’s sales for 2016 were approximately at 10.6 Billion and for 2017 they were at approximately 10.9 Billion. My slope for my two years of sales are at approximately 0.3 m= 10.9 – 10.6 = 0.3 7 – 6 Equation that relates the sales y and the year t y-10.6=0.3(t-6) y=0.3t+8.8 Equation that I will use to predict AutoZone’s sales for 2021 which is 12.1 Billion Y=0.3(21)+8.8=3.3+8.8