Discussion 1:You were recently promoted and now serve as Mayor Samantha Smith’s professional speechwriter. Mayor Smith has been asked to address the Twin Fawn Community Association about the issue of building a swimming pool in the neighborhood.As you analyze the audience (community members), which one of the factors (characteristics) listed below will you consider as you prepare Mayor Smith’s speech? Provide an explanation for your choice.Option A: Age of the audienceOption B: Attitude about subjectOption C: Socio-economic status of the audienceDiscussion 2:Today, you received an invitation from the president of the school board asking you to deliver an informative speech at Everytown High School. Because students at Everytown High School are currently studying Global Warming, the president of the school board would like for you to address this topic as well.Review the sources listed below and choose the one you would use in your informative speech. Explain why the source is a good choice.Option A: A book entitled The Guide to Global Warming (published in 2015)Option B: A pre-recorded interview with an employee at the Smithsonian Environmental Research CenterOption C: A documentary film explaining Global Warming