1. Describe the target market for your NAB business (see information below). 2. Explain how would you use this information to build a strong sales force to effectively sell your product. 3. Describe the best sales team to sell your product: how should they be, what should they do.


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The name of my beverage company will be Kenry Smoothies Company. Kenry Smoothies will
be a company that will focus on creating a wide range of fruit and yogurt smoothies that are fun
and fresh and will not interfere with any healthy eating plan. The main product from Kenry
smoothies will be a smoothie that will be made from cucumber, mint, and melon. I settled for
this drink because it has a refreshing experience, especially in hot seasons.
Nonetheless, this drink was meant for people who are cautious in maintaining their skin as well
as those who have health issues such as diabetes. There have been rising cases of lifestyle
diseases for instance diabetes, and this also made me come up with such a smoothie since it’s a
drink that can address all sort of groups, not just the healthy ones. Moreover, the juice will be
beneficial in those people who desire to lose weight as cucumber serves well as an ingredient of
weight loss. Cucumber also helps to prevent blood pressure and is very beneficial in boosting
one’s bone health. Cucumber and melon also have anticancer properties that lower the risk of
cancers for a healthier body. Despite the drink having a refreshing experience, it will be full of
health benefits too. Who would not want such a drink?
Mission Statement
Kenry Smoothies mission statement will be “a healthy drink for a healthier nation.” As a
company, we do not just to bring a refreshing drink to our consumers but also offer a drink with
health benefits for them. Diabetic people will undoubtedly get a drink which can refresh them
without fearing for their health. The drink will also be beneficial to citizens struggling to lose
weight as well as those with high blood pressure.
The rationale for its components
When it comes to issues concerning human health, cucumber is not a new term. It
possesses hydration qualities that help to deal with skin matters and assists a lot in weight loss, a
fight very many people are struggling with. Despite preventing cancer, it also lowers the blood
pressure. On the other hand, melon enhances easy and smooth bowel movement. Moreover, it is
very beneficial to a person with kidney diseases. Its high possession of carotenoids lowers the
chances of cancer and especially lung cancer. Mint is essential too as it helps to relieve
indigestion as well as reduce bad breath.
Butler, N. (2017, August 16). Benefits of Cucumber Water: Stay Hydrated and Healthy.
Retrieved from Healthline: https://www.healthline.com/health/food-nutrition/cucumber-water
Week 2 Discussion- Opportunities and Threats
Kenry Beverages is a company based in New York, Unites States. Being a new company in the
market, Kenry Beverages has the potential to grow due to the opportunities available. Those
opportunities include the positive economic trends that are being experienced in America, raising
health concerns in the country and lower barriers of entry. However, some risk factors need to be
carefully analyzed for the company to be able to penetrate the market. The main risk involved is
the high competition in the market.
Consumers have changed their market due to the growing per capita income which has impacted
the non-alcoholic beverage market positively. Consumers can now spend more on secondary
needs and just not on basic needs only. That means that there is a ready market out there for the
products of Kenry Beverages. The rise in consumer spending has majorly contributed to the
global growth of the non-alcoholic beverages market. Studies show that most of the Americans
have increased their spending on food and especially eating out (Sullivan, 2017).
There have been growing health concerns which lead to the appreciation of our product in the
market due to the health benefits it brings along. Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and high
blood pressure have been on the rise which has caused consumers across all age groups in
America to become health conscious. Due to this reason, people are avoiding drinks with
processed sugars and opting for natural sugars which is healthier (Richardson, 2016). That,
therefore, makes our product fit for those avoiding lifestyle diseases as well as those battling
with the same. These health concerns also create a weight loss market. Weight loss is a fight
every person struggles with, and this gives hope for our company to thrive in a very concentrated
There are lower barriers of entry to the market since the company requires lower capital to start
compared to other big companies. This then makes it easy for our company to be introduced to
the market and flourish. The presence of limited barriers reduces the problems for our
developing firm in entering the market or as it continues to find its way in the non-alcoholic
beverage market. Consumer welfare does not suffer when barriers do not delay entry (Manuel,
The most significant risk facing our company is competition. There are already many established
companies causing the non-alcoholic beverage market to be concentrated. Moreover, the
available food chains are also offering a similar product which creates more competition (Heng,
2018). In addition to the high competition, there are numerous barriers to entry that have made it
difficult for small companies to grow in this market. For instance, investors are skeptical about
investing in start-ups, and they prefer risking their money in already established brands. That
may cause inadequate funding for the company which will also affect distribution patterns and
marketing strategies as well. The firm may not reach a wide audience and create awareness for
their product.
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