Discussion 1:We have talked about so many interesting topics, yet so many we didn’t even touch on! Let’s take this week to go back and look at some ideas from previous chapters – and look ahead to the rest of the course. Choose two of the following:What are interferences to communication, and how can they be avoided?What does it mean that your communication at work is governed by legal constraints?How important are our nonverbal messages when we communicate? What is kinesic communication?We have talked about the need for our professional writing to be proofread and accurate. What are you doing – or will do – to make sure that you are catching mistakes? How do you improve your grammar and punctuation skills exactly?Communication is a skill that develops over time. Where do you envision your professional communication skills at the end of this course? What goal will you set out to achieve by Week 11?Discussion 2:”Slide Designs and Visual Aides”Consider the importance of visuals in connecting with an audience. What are the most important rules to remember when creating an effective Powerpoint? Find a poorly designed PowerPoint slideshow and share it here. Give a short summary that identifies the problems and make suggestions on what would improve the design.