Discussion 2: Policy Project Check-InProfessionals in the field of criminal justice with expertise in
research may have opportunities to make policy recommendations that can
facilitate valuable changes to criminal justice policy and practice.
To ensure that their recommendations have the most beneficial impact
possible, criminal justice professionals and policymakers can evaluate a
number of evidence-based alternatives. However, even after
professionals and policymakers have carefully weighed alternatives to
make recommendations they are likely to receive both positive and
negative feedback and suggestions. Experienced professionals may
improve even a solid recommendation through engaging in collegial
dialogue and making revisions based upon feedback. This week, you gain
valuable experience making a policy recommendation and engaging in such
dialogue.For this Discussion, review the Policy Project Overview and provide
the highlights of your research findings conducted to date on your
selected topic and post your preliminary policy recommendation.Post by Day 4 the status of your
Policy Project. Based on your research and/or evaluation of the
research, provide your preliminary policy recommendation. Post one
question or issue you are encountering related to your preliminary
research findings.