Ken Bain’s book “What the Best College Students Do” related paper1. Goals of the AssignmentYour paper assignment is to write an in-depth report about a topic of your own choosing that is discussed in Ken Bain’s book, What the Best College Students Do. This topic can be based on an aspect of teaching, learning, behavior, attitudes, etc. I encourage you to pick a topic that you find interesting and relevant to your own experience as a college student. We have not yet read all the chapters in Bain’s book, so you can look ahead to the remaining chapters if you want more ideas for paper topics.Examples of possible topics are listed below, but you should feel free to pick something different that found find interesting:What is deep learning and how can students achieve it?Why do students procrastinate and what strategies help to avoid procrastination?How can colleges develop students’ abilities to solve “messy problems”?How does a “fixed mindset” versus a “growth mindset” affect how people handleacademic challenges?What is the effect of multitasking on cognitive and academic performance?How do specific personal/emotional factors affect learning? (For this topic, you canidentify one or two personal/emotional factors that you are interested in studying)Final Paper FormatInclude your name and the seminar title at the top of the first page8 – 10 pages in length5 – 7 sources that including TWO peer-reviewed research articles.The article in your draft paper counts as one of these articles. To get a breadth ofperspective, do NOT choose two articles by the same researcher/research group.Double-spaced type1-inch margins12-point Times New Roman fontInclude page numbersAPA Citation