Assignment 1: Getting AcquaintedNOTE: You must complete this assignment in week 2 and no later than 6 a.m., Monday, immediately following week 2. By completing the following assignment, you will introduce yourselves to your peers and to me so that we can all get to know each other. DirectionsRead the following poem.Where I’m From (George Ella Lyon–1993) Parent’s names and significant relativesSpecial foods or mealsFamily specific games or activitiesNostalgic songsStories, novels or poetry that you’ll never forgetPhrases that were repeated oftenThe best things that you were toldThe worst things that you have been toldOrdinary household itemsFamily traditionsFamily traitsFamily tendenciesReligious symbols or experiencesSpecific story(ies) about a specific family memberAccidents or traumatic experiencesLossesJoysLocation of memories, pictures, or mementos I am from clothespins,from Clorox and carbon-tetrachloride.I am from the dirt under the back porch.(Black, glisteningit tasted like beets.)I am from the forsythia bush,the Dutch elmwhose long gone limbs I rememberas if they were my own.I am from fudge and eyeglasses,from Imogene and Alafair.I’m from the know- it-allsand the pass- it-ons,from perk up and pipe down.I’m from He restoreth my soulwith cottonball lamband ten verses I can say myself.I’m from Artemus and Billie’s Branch,fried corn and strong coffee.From the finger my grandfather lostto the augerthe eye my father shut to keep his sight.Under my bed was a dress boxspilling old pictures.a sift of lost facesto drift beneath my dreams.I am from those moments –snapped before I budded –leaf- fall from the family tree.1.BrainstormoList specific details related to your life. The key is to make this exercise as specific and personal as possible. Use nicknames or words that only you or your family use. Use items, things places that are specific to your life, memories, and experiences. Don’t worry about readers not knowing what you’re talking about. This is own your personal poem. When you put it all together, you will see that it conveys a deep sense about you.oSome details you might consider are:2.Write your own “Where I’m From” poemoUsing the list you created, begin writing your own “Where I’m From” poem. Don’t worry about naming a specific place – follow the poem’s spirit of giving a sense of place through personal details. Use as many of the items on your list as you like. Don’t worry about form or structure. Write your poem however you like.oClick on this link to see two sample Where I’m From student poems