Can you pick two topics and write different speeches on them. Do not pick the one that you used on the other paper. Make them personal and attention getting. You seen the response from the women who read the first paper. The speech I have to give is in June, but I have to run through the speech in front of several groups of people before hand.

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prepare a four (4) minute speech from one of the following topics:
1. What do you see as the greatest advancement women in the United States have made over
the last 100 years? Explain the reasons for your answer and how/why this advancement has impacted
2. What can women today learn from the passion and purpose that the suffragettes had for
women’s rights? Are any of the takeaways/lessons from the suffragette movement applicable today and
3. Choose a woman or girl born within the last 100 years who you believe lives or has lived with
passion and purpose. Explain why you believe this and tell us about the history of this girl or woman and
why you chose to celebrate her?
4. Choose a topic or activity that relates to women that you are passionate about and tell why you
are passionate about the topic or activity. Give a history of your interest and passion in that topic or
5. Who has been the greatest influence in your life and why? Describe how that person lives or
lived with passion and purpose.
6. How can we encourage younger women who are interested in STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering & Math) to embrace it with passion and purpose? What can we do as a society and what if
anything can BPW/PA do as an organization to assist younger women who express an interest in these
7. Is equal pay for equal work a passion of yours? If so why?
8. Does the lack of quality, affordable child care act as a barrier for women to obtain equal pay for
equal work? What can be done about this issue?
9. Do you believe involvement in sports plays a role in the development of younger women into
leaders who live their lives with passion and purpose? In 2018, we celebrate 46 years of Title IX. How
important is Title IX today and why?
10. The U.S. is one of the only industrialized nations in the world that doesn’t mandate paid
Maternity Leave, and approximately only 11 percent of private-sector American employees have access
to such leave. Do you believe that the lack of paid Maternity Leave acts as a barrier to a woman’s gender
pay equality and her advancement in the workplace? If so, what if any suggestions do you have?

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